Dear International Brethren,

Cigar Underground Network Terra International (CUNTINT) is the international shopping arm of (FOH). It is far more than that.

CUNTINT is the organisational network of the FOH brother/sister hood based in Switzerland but in reality in your neighbourhood. Yes, you will receive great Habanos cigars as we are authorised distributors…but there are other great dealers around the world. CUNTINT is about building a worldwide organisation of cigar zealots from all corners of the globe. CUNTINT is about fighting for your rights now and into the future. CUNTINT is about remembering that the best thing about cigars is the people you share them with; the laughter, the friendships. CUNTINT is about not letting government bastards take away our core freedoms. They may legislate and they may try, but united cigar lovers will never be defeated.

When you register and nominate your region, commencing November 1 we will put you in touch with CUNTINT cell leaders in that region.

$1 from every box purchase goes to supporting the CUNTINT organisation in your region (events). $1 from every box purchase goes to supporting the Nicaraguan Children Charity on FOH. We are about building communities for the betterment of all.

If you understand that the true joy of cigars is more than self, join us. We can always use another good man or woman.

Remember…”Living well is the best revenge” Herbert English.


El Pres.

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